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The VeRDiCT trial: Preoperative Volume Replacement vs. usual care in Diabetic patients having CABG surgery: a randomised controlled Trial.

The VeRDiCT Trial is proposed to test the hypothesis that the postoperative incidence of renal insufficiency will be lower and post-operative recovery faster, if diabetic patients are treated with volume replacement therapy (VR) prior to surgery. Patients will be randomised to volume replacement or routine care. The target population is all diabetic adults aged >16 years and <80 years having elective or urgent coronary artery bypass graft surgery (with or without cardiopulmonary bypass). The primary outcome is time until participants are 'fit for discharge'; secondary outcomes include incidence of renal failure, markers of renal function, operative morbidity, intensive care stay, patient-assessed outcome and use of hospital resources.

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