Changing your own account details or password

The My account link is shown in the navigation bar at the top of the page. This link directs the user to a page where they can edit their name, email address, timezone, back-up email, mobile phone number or password. Administrators can update name and email address by editing accounts and can reset passwords for any user.

Self-service password resets are enabled by entering a back-up email address or mobile phone number to receive a security code.

New passwords must be at least 8 characters long and sufficiently complex to be labelled at least Acceptable strength by the password strength indicator. Some complex passwords are suggested above the new password box.

Changing password

My account page


The timezone setting applies to dates and times shown in the Access interface only. It does not affect dates and times in randomisation or Red Pill applications. These have their own timezone settings based on the site a subject was recruited at.

Recent log ins

Details of the five most recent log ins are displayed on the My account page. The date and time of each log in together with browser information and IP address are tabulated. The geographical location of each IP address is shown if available.

Password expiry

Passwords may expire after a number of months, after which time a user is forced to change their password. Users with expired passwords have no access to the system except for the change password screen. This setting is trial specific and if a user has roles in several trials, the most frequent password change interval will apply.

Page updated 5 Jul 2020