Queries are intended to be used by administrators to raise questions about the form data for investigators to answer and for investigators to notify administrators of any issues they are aware of in completed forms. Queries can be linked generally to a subject, or more specifically to a particular form for a subject. Queries may only be closed by administrator users. Investigators can create new queries and add messages to existing queries.

Opening queries

A query can be opened either on the subject details section or when viewing a form, by clicking on the Create a query link. The query must be given a title and an initial message. To link the query to a specific form in the CRF, choose the appropriate form from the related form drop-down control. Once it has been created, the query will be shown on the subject details panel and form specific queries will also be shown when viewing the form. In addition, if a form has an open query attached, an amber question mark symbol appears next to the form name in the subject details panel.

Note that creating a query or re-opening a closed query linked to a form will cause the form to be marked as not validated.

Creating a new query

Creating a new query

Adding messages

Messages may be added to queries by investigators or administrators, forming a conversation thread. Administrators can close a query when the issue has been resolved. Administrators may also re-open a closed query by setting the action to ‘Reopen’ when adding a new message to it.

Viewing an open query

Viewing an open query

When viewing a query, printing the web-page will display an extra box that asks the investigator to write their response, with signature and date. This may be useful for the site’s own records or workflow.

Response box shown when printing a query

Response box shown when printing a query

Email notifications

When a query is created or updated an email notification is sent out to:

  • On creation: all administrators, and all investigators at the same site as the subject the query relates to;
  • On update: all users who have participated in the query - that is the user who created the query and any user who has added a message to the query.

The format of the notification email is:

From: Sealed Envelope
Subject: [Trialname] Query updated
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2015 15:43:22 +0100
To: joe@trialsite.org,admin@trialcentre.org

A query "Confirm date of birth" has just been updated by Joe Bloggs (ID 8). You can view the query here:


Note, this message was auto-generated on Thu 22 Oct 2015 15:43 Europe/London (GMT +0100).

Listing queries

A list of queries grouped by site is displayed by clicking on the Queries link in the top menu. The conversation thread for a query can be viewed by clicking on the query in the list. This view also displays links for editing the query or viewing the related subject or form.

Page updated 6 Sep 2017